Tudor Home Garden -
Currently under construction, this
Summit, New Jersey garden features
renovations to existing gardens and the
addition of new seating areas.
The gardens of this Tudor home were aged and in need of rejuvenating. Existing stone walls were repaired and realigned to provide a cleaner look to the front yard. Portions of the existing plantings are removed or relocated to open up views of the house and to allow space for flowering perennials and Hydrangeas. A deteriorating mortar laid flagstone walkway is replaced with dry set flagstone which tolerates the local freezing and thawing. Cutting out a portion of the asphalt parking and adding a stone landing to the side door softens the arrival experience and a new side terrace creates a space to receive visitors. In the rear garden, a new mid-level terrace with a fireplace is added to an existing terrace to expand the area and the useable seasons of the outdoor rooms.