Pond Terrace -
Installed in the Spring of 2011, this
Bedminster, Pennsylvania garden
features a flagstone terrace set on
the edge of an existing pond.
The new flagstone terrace was installed at the edge of an existing pond that Dear Garden Associates has maintained for the past several years, creating a new vantage point for the homeowner to enjoy the various colored Water Lilies, Iris, and natural water life from a close proximity. By using extra thick flagstone, the terrace is nearly suspended over the water. Ornamental grasses wrap around the back of the terrace creating a soft border that keeps one from feeling exposed to the open fields, while allowing views across the property. The grasses provide interest as light breezes give movement to the flowering plumes. The homeowner’s addition of contemporary art pieces completes the garden by balancing the man made with the natural aspects of this tranquil space.