New Pond and Planting -
This installation features incorporating
a new pond and bridge with an
existing driveway.

Prior to construction, an area of the
meadow was too wet to mow and as a result became overgrown with weeds and brush. The new pond and surrounding contours were set to direct the natural runoff of rainfall into the pond. A bridge was designed and built using materials and a style which relate to the architecture of the house. Passing over the bridge creates a sense of entry to the property and affords spectacular views of the pond. Plantings around the pond were chosen to suit this native environment. Tough native grasses and perennials add texture and color. Several varieties of trees and shrubs provide berries and shelter to support the birds, turtles and other wildlife. In addition to the pond and bridge, a stone ruin with plantings was created to disguise utility boxes and further enhance the arrival experience.