Meadow Entrance Drive -
Recipient of the 2015 Perennial Plant
Association Landscape Design Award.
This Bucks County garden features a buffer
planting with strong interest in each season.
The entrance was a blank canvas with open views between the home and the public road. Flowing meadows were designed to provide a soft buffer with seasonal interest to tie in with the adjacent fields. The experience of entering the site by car or passing through the beds on lawn paths, provides vantages from various angles. The layered plantings can be seen from a distance while one can also walk by and see the details of flowers and fine leaf textures. Plantings were selected to provide a progression of blooms, layering textures, and form that would last through the winter. The density of the plantings as well as their sustained winter mass, further helps to reduce the road noise. As a final touch, low boulder walls were used to create seating and a visual link to other areas of the property.