Lambertville Garden -
Currently under construction, this
Lambertville, New Jersey garden
features a new front yard with a
realigned driveway.
The original driveway was a long straight shot along the edge of old farm fields. By realigning the driveway with curves and a large loop through the existing hedgerow, the homeowners can now enjoy various vantage points of their home. The addition of flowering Dogwoods, Crapapples, and Redbuds further enhance this experience with seasonal interest as well as softening views of nearby farm equipment. At the front of the home, a short stone retaining wall backed by a low Boxwood hedge creates a level lawn terrace which defines a formal front yard while keeping open views of the various surrounding vistas. A new location for visitor parking and a new flagstone walkway with stone steps through the hedge and wall creates a clear path to the front door.