Bucks County Estate -
Located in New Hope, PA this property
features various gardens of interest
including a parking court, a lush side
garden, meadows, and a vegetable garden.
The parking court is defined by perimeter hedges of Hawthorns and Boxwoods. The stonework includes sandstone cobble fields with granite bands and curbs, recycled from old Philadelphia streets. Stepping up from the parking to the front door, a garden terrace provides a buffer from the house to the parking. To the side of the house, a stepping stone path meanders through a perennial garden that provides a series of blooms through the seasons. From the rear of the home, one has a long view over a curving landscape with meadow plantings that weave through the fields. Keeping with the feel of the property, the vegetable garden was made with more antique stone material and has an espalier apple tree for fencing.